FDA Translucent Reinforced Tubing

SAMCO offer a quality silicone reinforced hose that enables use to high temperatures and pressure. Fibreglass is embedded in between the layers of silicone to create an extremely flexible and strong tube.

Glass has an advantage over polyester in that it can achieve continuous temperatures of +200˚C

  • SAMCO Silicone reinforced tube meets FDA 177.2600, EP VI.1.2.3 WRC Approved Elastomer
  • Smooth inner and outer surface
  • Sizes available range from 3mm ID to 50mm ID
  • Translucent 70 shore is available off the shelf
  • Red, blue and black outer are available in all sizes, please ask for prices
  • Platinum cured, reinforced silicone tube that meets USP Class VI, available on request

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